About The Spa

What makes a good spa experience?

In our opinion, a good spa experience has the following attributes, which we are focused on providing:

  • Beautiful and comfortable surroundings and treatment room
  • Treatments that promote good health for body and mind
  • Professional and polite therapists and reception staff
  • Good value prices with no unexpected additional charges

The treatment rooms need to be spacious, well-decorated and well-appointed, to make the customer feel customer. These high standards should also extend to the common area, including the reception and the gardens. Our rooms are among the larger spa rooms in Bangkok and we have carefully chosen all of the furniture and décor to add to the Thai spa atmosphere.

Spa treatments themselves should be focused on promoting wellness. We are committed to providing health benefits for both the body and mind. Our therapists are trained to provide massages that help your muscles and our body scrub and facial treatments are good for the skin. We are also committed to offering relaxation to help relieve stress and anxiety.

It is important that the customer is made to feel comfortable at all times during their spa experience. This includes before, during and after their treatments. We have used a rigorous recruitment process focused on recruiting staff with a solid reputation in the industry. Hence, we have put together a team of highly qualified, experienced staff, and have trained them to be even more professional and polite.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to our competitive and transparent prices. Our aim is to provide a service level that matches or exceeds that of Bangkok’s other leading spas, but at a lower price, and we also have various promotions to ensure we offer good value.

What is a day spa?

A spa is generally defined as a business providing various treatments for beauty, health and relaxation. While the range of these treatments will vary from one spa to another, there is generally significant overlap. Some will focus mostly on beauty (although if so, beauty salon may be a more accurate label), others concentrate on health and many more just aim to provide relaxation. Many spas, of course, deliver all three elements to their customers.

The way in which treatments are delivered can vary greatly between different spas. In some spas, the treatments can vary widely between various staff members, depending on each of their skills and experience. The best spas ensure that the services provided by all of their employees are of a high standard, and that the right balance is in place between standardization of treatments and flexibility to meet individual clients’ requirements.

While there is no commonly excepted difference between a beauty salon and a spa it is generally accepted that a beauty salon is more focused on beauty, and less so on health and wellness. Destination spas (or resort spas), on the other hand, where customers can reside (stay overnight) are clearly differentiated from day spas, although many destination spas also offer services to non-residents.

What is a spa package?

A spa package is where two or more individual spa treatments are combined together, either to run concurrently or sequentially. For example we offer packages where the customer can have a massage, a body scrub and a facial all in the same visit. Spa packages normally implicitly include a discount compared to the sum of the prices of the individual treatments that are incorporated into the package).

As well as the price advantage, spa packages are generally designed to better achieve the health, beauty and relaxation results that spa customers expect. For example, a package incorporating massage, a body scrub and a facial, will provide health benefits such a reduction in muscle tension (through the massage), beauty through more radiant skin from the body scrub and facial, and a sense of relaxation from the overall experience.

The best spas such as ours provide packages that engender a wide range of physiological and psychological benefits for their customers. This focus on body and mind is key to ensuring customers both enjoy and benefit from their visit to our spa.